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I accidentally deleted Evan Brennan's post. I was trying to edit the page and post my commentary, but I guess I'll just add it to the comments section. This is Evan's original post (Sorry, Evan!):



'I thought it was interesting in how the first chapter began by noting the brain as a "meat machine," but by then explaining it as it not being about the material the brain is made out of, but by the way this "meat machine" collects and organizes information into thoughts and ideas. The chapter also went on the discuss the thoughts produced by the brain to be nothing more than computation. For example, someone sees a car crash and immediately runs to a pay phone to dial 911 for help. In this example (x) caused (y), and it was the observer's instinctually computed response to call for help, or as Clark put it, "...interpretations thus glue inner states (of the brain) to sensible real-world behaviors" (15).'