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Presentations will generally take place on Wednesdays. We will have two presentations per class, that is, you get about 20 minutes to present your material. It is your task not only to learn the material, but also to think about the best way of presenting it, finding ways to make it interesting and accessible to other students in the class. Most importantly, we will be extremely strict about the time. Make sure that what you had planned fits inside the time given! NOTE: If we run out of slots, we will have have some of the presentations done by pairs of students.




  • Locke, “An Essay Concerning Human Understanding”, Book 2, Chapter 1, Section 19 (E-Reserve)



Wednesday, October 1 1:00-1:20/Name 1/Name 2 / Locke 1:25-1:45/Name 2/Name 2 / Bealer






  • Quinton, “The Soul” (Perry, pp. 53-72)


  • Grice, “Personal Identity” (Perry, pp. 73-95)


  • Butler, “Of Personal Identity” (Perry, pp. 99-105)


  • Perry, “Personal Identity, Memory, and the Problem of Circularity” (Perry, pp. 135- 154)


  • Hume, “Our Idea of Identity”, “Of Personal Identity” and “Second Thoughts (Perry, pp. 159-176)


  • Johnston, “Human Beings” (E-Reserve)


  • Chisholm, “The Persistence of Persons” (E-Reserve)


  • Heller, “Temporal Parts of Four-Dimensional Objects” (E-Reserve)




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