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Schedule of Lectures

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Week One and two: Introduction to Course Themes


Humans and machines, who (what?) are we really?


Read: ch 1


Turing machine due on monday of week 2.


Week Three: Symbol systems


Read: ch 2


Week Four: Patterns, contents, and causes


Read: ch 3


Reflection 1 due


Week Five: Connectionism


Read: ch 4


Week Six: Perception, action, brain


Read: ch 5


Reflection 2 due


Week Seven: Robots and AI


Read: Read 6


Week Eight: Dynamics


Read: ch 7


Reflection 3 due


Week Nine: More dynamics


Read: extra materials


Week 10: Cog Tech: beyond brain


Read: ch 8


Reflection 4 due


Week 11: Consciousness


Read: Appendix II



Week 12: More consciousness


Read: TBD


Reflection 5 due


Week 13: Ethics


Read: TBD


Week 14: TBD


Week 15: TBD


Week 16: TBD


Week 17:

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