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Questions for Friday, August 31.


What are some issues with the Turing test? Is it possible for something to pass the test and not think? How convincing are the examples of the difference between the chess master and DeepBlue computer program? Isn't this just more anthropocentrism?



What exactly is the position presented in Ghost in the Shell? Are we just computers/robots, or is there really something extra? Do we understand ourselves enough to even discuss these issues responsibly?


Here is a funny consequence of the machine functionalism that we have been discussing. A virtual, simulated life is as good as the real one, or perhaps better: there are no resource limitations.


What is it for something to be a computation (see box 1.5)?


Attempt a definition of intelligence.



What is multiple realizability? Of software? Hardware?


What are some of the consequences of Chinese room?





For wednesday, September 12 (thanks to Marcus):



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