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Chapter 3 Terms

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Physical Symbol System


Levels of Computation


Existence of symbolic description


The level of virtual machine


Semantically transparent system


Cognitive band


Time frame of computation: 10 milliseconds to 10 seconds


Intelligence as deliberative thought


Chinese room


Population of China


Micro functionalism


Can behavior really be encoded as set of rules?


Holistic similarity recognition


Bottomless richness of understanding


A.I. Solution: more reasoning or more explicit knowledge


Two quotes: p. 38-9


Are mental states multiply realizable?


Are details of implementation important?


Quote Minski, p. 40-1


The Seductive Allure of Physical-Symbol Systems


Folk Psychology


Jerry Fodor's Representational Theory of Mind


Paul Churchland's Objections to Folk Psychology


Daniel Dennett's Well Designed Machine and Intentional Stance


Content and Mental Representations


Real Patterns


Causes: ordinary, scattered, ungrounded



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