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Participation (20%): We are running this class together as a seminar. Your attendance and participation is essential to its success. As a part of your participation, you need to sign up at least once to either lead discussion for a 50 min class (see instructions for what is expected from a class leader) or else present some of your own relevant material.


Final paper (50%): Monday, December 10, 2007, 11 p.m.


My hope is that the ideas from your short essays will evolve into a sophisticated, perhaps even publishable, piece. (2500-3000 words).



Schedule, short papers


Papers are due on Mondays, unless there is no class on Monday. Else it will be due on Wednesday, etc.



Week 2: construct a turing machine that multiplies two numbers entered in unary.


Week 4: Reflection 1


Week 6: Reflection 2


Week 10: Reflection 3


Week 12: Reflection 4


Week 14: Reflection 5

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